Review Time: The Virgin Heiress by Virginia Sexton

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I’m tired of being a virgin.

Being the heiress of a world-famous media tycoon has one big drawback: I’ve never met the right man. The handsome, career-driven business executives look at me and only see dollar signs. The normal guys, they’re too afraid of my father to even put their hands on me.

I need somebody who doesn’t care about my money; a man driven to claim me, to hell with the consequences. A man who can make my first time the mind-blowing experience I’ve always dreamed it would be. A man like Colin Legend.

A billionaire playboy with a thriving entertainment empire, he doesn’t need my riches. When he’s not being irresistibly charming, he’s unflinchingly dominant. He’s so damn hot, just thinking about him makes me ache to be touched.

But behind his fun-loving exterior there’s a hint of darkness. He’s hiding something from me, and before I can say goodbye to my innocence, I have to know the truth...


The best thing about a novella is the time it takes to read it.  Not much is your answer.  Sometimes I want to read a story and not have to invest half of my day to do so.  I was able to sit down and read The Virgin Heiress while the hubby flipped through channels on the TV.  Reading time was a little over an hour for me.

I have read my share of virgin stories and what I found notably different about the Virgin Heiress was that Susie wasn't just beating down the door to give it up...she made him work for it...and that worked for me.  The build up and angst over that little fact really made this book for me.  Add in a little bit of drama and you having a winning story.

This was the first book by Virginia Sexton that I have read and I am truly looking forward to what she has in store for the future.

I am giving The Virgin Heiress 4 stars.

Review by Corrie H. for Lamplight Review and Promotion

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