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Escape. Avoid. Ignore the beautiful red head in the office. That is James Riley’s plan.

He moved to Australia for career progression and an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. His lie was so good even he believed it. James wanted to forget his one and only mistake. He wasn’t about to make another relationship misstep falling for the sexy siren.

Ariana Scott thought she wanted a Dom. That choice cost her both blood and tears. A year later, she was still trying to put the pieces of her life back together. Her interest in the sexy British guy was too soon, too fast and because of her job, off limits. But the lure of James Riley was a temptation she can't shake off.

Neither expected their safe vanilla fling to turn serious. But when Ariana’s career, family, and lifestyle are threatened, they are forced to confront their greatest fears—especially when the casual sex they indulge in becomes more than desire.


This is the first book that I have read by Rachel De Lune.  More Than Desire is part of the Evermore series.  Not sure where it falls in order as it isn't listed.  Even though it is part of a series, it is considered a standalone novel.  I did some research after reading and was extremely happy to find I could read more about this group of friends and family!

So More Than Desire was great!  I was pulled in from the very start and honestly the only thing stopping me from reading from cover to cover in one sitting was life.  Reading time was a little over 4 hours.  There were only a couple places that were a little lull for me, but for the most part, my attention was held.

There were a lot of emotional pulls for me.  Imagine finding someone and then not really knowing how to make the relationship develop due to a couple different outside issues.  Making this relationship work was tough for Ariana and James.  Not only distance kept them apart but family and difference in sexual/emotional needs.

What I found intriguing about More Than Desire was, in so many BDSM books you find this major alpha Dom finding a sub.  That wasn't the case with this story and that element made reading this story that much more interesting.  To discover how this vanilla man was going to react to her submissive needs and how they would work it out,was something I had not encountered in reading before.

All in all this was a really good read for me, not disappointed in the time I invested in reading.  I am intrigued with some of the other characters in this story as it appears they have their own story in the Evermore series.  I will be making time to go read the other books and it's likely that this author could quickly find her way on my one-click list.

I am giving More Than Desire 5 stars.

Review by Corrie H for Lamplight Review and Promotion

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