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C.M.Moore dystopian romance.
Title: Grinding My Gears
Subtitle: An (Off the Rails) Ice Era Chronicle 1:30 AM
Author: C.M.Moore
Facing the end of his life, Adam, aka Gears, searches for answers. Even though he’s a brilliant scientist and doctor, he’s forced to admit that he will die, probably sooner than later. After choosing to leave his water base, Gears has a chance meeting with a rival gang member who throws his quickly shortening life off course. A road trip with this mysterious woman, takes him beyond what he thinks he knows and makes him question his ideas of right and wrong. Love is the most unscientific thing he has ever faced but worth the discovery.
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About the Author

C.M. Moore is a retired solider, and a romantic at heart. After being blown up in Afghanistan and receiving a purple heart; he began writing. Connor’s first book 1:05 am is a mixture of love, sex, and action. Today if you are looking for Connor, you can find him volunteering with veteran organizations, and harassing his military buddies. You can also find him attempting to “hunt” in the woods and ponds of Minnesota. In the event you find him in the woods, don’t be scared, he can’t hit anything. 
If you want to contact him message him at ...OR...
1.05 AM (Ice Age Chronicles: Book 1)
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  1. Hey! Thanks so much for sharing my newest book! When my wife read it and Gears was sick, she wouldn't talk to me for two hours because she said (and I quote) "How could you do that to Gears?!" I tried to remind her that he was a fictional character, but that just got me in more trouble. Anyways... Again, thanks for the awesome post. You're the best.

    1. Anytime! Hoping when I have a free moment to pick this up! Sounds very intriguing!