Our Review: Shadowlands by Erin Trejo

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Totally Engrossing...didn't stop reading from start to finish!


"This.. this is what's left of that beautiful girl that stole my blackened heart when I first laid eyes on her."

TATE: "She is the epitome of the word enemy. Don't let her good looks fool you. She is the daughter of the man that ruined us years ago. She is the heir to our fortune."
"Do you want her dead? Is that what you're playing at?" I ask.
"No. Not right away. I want whatever information she has first. Scare her. Play your little games. Make her give us what we want first. Then kill her."

FAWN: Have you ever been alone for so long that you start to doubt your own sanity? The things that run through your head haunt you? The darkness becomes a blanket that you want to wrap yourself in and never come out?

Our Opinion:

Holy Moly!  Loved this book and couldn't get enough!

If you are a fan of dark anything, this is the book you want to read next.  Dark is my favorite, in fact the grittier the better.  I am used to authors saying that a book is dark, only to get started and find out it's kinda dark.  Erin writes DARK and I just can't get enough!  I wasn't expecting Fawn to get so...evil...but she did and it was AMAZEBALLS!

There are so many twists and turns in Shadowlands that I was surprised throughout the whole book.  It was FANTASTIC!  Bored is not a word I would ever associate with Shadowlands. 

The characters in Shadowlands are well thought out, very developed and I am hoping that Shadowlands continues...somehow.  This book was a huge WIN for me.  Can't wait to see what is next from Erin Trejo!

This book get 5 stars all the way!

Review by Corrie H.

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