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One event can change the course of your life. No one knows that better than Bryson Armstrong. His life has been nothing but life-changing events—heartbreaking ones. When will he get his break? Does life just like to put him down?

Zaylee Eaton wants nothing more than to have Bryson in her life. She is willing to do about anything to show him they’re meant for each other, but she isn’t getting through to him. All she has gotten for her efforts is heartache.

Is Bryson too broken to see what’s in front of him? Can he fight against the one thing that has already given him heartbreak?

Our Opinion:

I have waited so LONG for this story and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Bryson and Zaylee's story has been brewing for a long time...at least I had hoped it was and I have never been so happy as the day J. Lee confirmed it's fruition!

These two had tons of UST throughout the previous stories that you couldn't help but become invested in where they were going...and J. Lee did not disappoint me with their story!

There are several cut scenes in the story that either take you back to memories or pull you into dreams.  Those really rounded out the story, explaining things in more detail when you needed it.  Though I didn't cry during Broken like I thought I would...because Miss Lee has a reputation with me for making me cry...I wasn't sad about that at all.  The subject matter has the potential to make you cry...but honestly I was SO EXCITED that this story was finally ready that I think I was reading it almost too fast that I didn't get overly wrapped up in the drama.  But I enjoyed every minute of it and silently prepared myself to cuss out the author if things didn't go my way.  Did I mention I was invested in this series and these two characters?

The Barrelhouse Series hooked me in book 1, Mending Her Heart.  The characters in this series are marvelous, rich in flaws yet live life to the fullest.  Just a normal everyday family and group of friends.  Everything in this series is so well put together that I would like to meld into the story and hopefully J. Lee will find me a broody, hunky character.  *wink wink*

Broken is part of a series, and while you could read it as a standalone, it does reference other characters from previous books, so reading from the beginning may be of interest to a new reader to J. Lee.

So, YAY!  I loved it, I knew I would!  Giving it the ole' 5 star stamp!

Review by Corrie H.

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