Our Review: Conflicted by M.S. L. R. and Alice La Roux

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Second chances are the best!


Kaleb loves Serena. Serena loves Kaleb.

But what about Sean and Jen?

Three years ago Kaleb and Serena ended their affair, trying to make everyone else happy.

Now Kaleb is back in town and this time he's determined to stay. He knows what he wants and he isn’t backing down, even if it means playing dirty. Can this couple move past the secrets and lies to find their second chance?

However, they aren't the only ones hiding something. In this sexy workplace romance, nothing is ever just black and white. It’s messy, complicated… conflicted.


For a second chance romance this one had the drama in SPADES!  I couldn't believe how much work went into getting Serena and Kaleb together.

I really enjoyed Kaleb's character.  He loves Serena so much that he has really been thorough in taking care of her, even when she doesn't realize it.  Those men are the best...they always have your back and I think readers will really appreciate him for this.

I didn't really think too much of Serena...good girl trying to stay good, there wasn't anything magnificent about her.  Kaleb was really my focus throughout the entire story.

I have no qualms reading stories that include cheating so that really wasn't an issue for me, but for the reader that it is an issue for, I ask that you give this book a chance anyway.  In the beginning I did feel irritated that there was so much cheating going on, but as the story moved on I could really just see two people meeting in the wrong time, wrong place and working really hard at doing the right thing.  Reading is an emotional journey and I definitely did go through a gamut of emotions with Conflicted. 

Conflicted is a standalone novel, that I read in one sitting.  There were portions that I felt it was a little slow, but if you keep with it and do not focus on those small spots, the story picks up and drags you in.

Lamplight Review and Promotion is giving Conflicted 4 stars.

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