Our Review: Her Kind of Boss by Kayla White

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Satisfying, Quick read!


I turned to the man who had just pulled his hand off my ass.

The eyes of all the other patrons and staff were on us. I knew that no one was going to take my side in this scenario.

“You’re FIRED!”

I am just…

I need to keep my head above the water. I need to take care of my wheelchair-bound mother.

This new job has to stick. I can already feel the vertigo starting to make my head spin.

Carter Derrickson. My new boss.

He has quite a…reputation. At six-foot-three with a neat crop of dark hair, smart, successful, he has a trail of women across the city behind him.

He is too busy with keeping the family business healthy. Between his projects and meeting the stringent demands of his family, he has no intentions of settling down.

But as soon as his eyes landed on me, a smile that seemed plastered on dropped away and his eyes are sweeping up and down my body. He is savoring me with gaze.

All the floors below us are swiftly emptying of people. The thought of just the two of us up here - alone - it feels like something…

Come on, Hazel. Keep this together. It’s just nerves.

He needs me. He needs me to keep up with whatever he needs from me - could be filing papers, braining storming on new ideas…

But oh, there is one thing I haven’t told him. This could get really complicated…

Is there a way to make this work?

*This is a full-length, standalone steamy office romance. No cheating or cliffhangers, and a Happily Ever After is guaranteed! It includes bonus content that starts at 50% of the book.  It also includes a Free Extended Epilogue! Enjoy!*

Our Opinion:

Her Kind of Boss was the first book I have read by Kayla White and I found it truly enjoyable!

The length of this book was perfect for the reader who doesn't have time to get involved in a book for a super long period of time.  You are able to read it all in one sitting.

I enjoyed both Hazel and Carter immensely.  Their chemistry worked well in and out of the bedroom.

If happily ever-after is your thing, Her Kind of Boss delivers!  Everything is wrapped up in a sweet little bow and the satisfaction you feel at the end is genuine.

While I enjoyed the fact that this was a quick read for me, my one complaint was that it wasn't long enough or overly deep.  I really enjoyed Carter and Hazel and would have been fine with a longer novel and more drama to the story line.

I didn't really get too many feels with this one...but it still satisfied my romance read needs.

I am giving Her Kind of Boss 4 stars.

Looking forward to what Kayla White comes up with next!

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