Our Review: Dark Experiments by Lana Campbell

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Loved this second in the series read!


Tiffany Jane Peebles takes a job as an IT for a gorgeous, sexy vampire, Doctor Christian La Mond’s OB/GYN vampire practice the V clinic. Passion sparks quickly between them until she falls victim to an angel of death poisoning V clinic staff and pregnant vampire patients.

Christian is the exception to Tiffany’s rule all males are louses. For years Tiffany has lusted after Christian and of late she can’t help wonder what it might be like to have a brief fling with him. The opportunity to explore her secret fantasy appears when Christian offers her a job as the IT person for his practice, the V clinic. She knows if he gives her the green light, she’s going to have a romp with her sexy vampire. When the night finally arrives and she and Christian have sex, the experience is so overwhelmingly powerful, Tiffany backpedals and tries to turn down the heat between them. She’s human. He’s a vampire. She can’t afford to fall in love with him.

Christian has other ideas. During their sexual encounter he discovers Tiffany is his life mate and he vows to change her thinking. His intentions are put on hold when he gets caught up in an angel of death’s vicious plan to chemically terminate V clinic patients’ pregnancies. Tiffany herself falls victim to a lethal dose of arsenic and Christian can only save her by turning her into a vampire. She’s furious when she wakes from her turning and discovers what Christian has done. She wants nothing to do with him ever again, but when she’s kidnapped by this angel of death and used as a guinea pig for deadly experiments she only has Christian to turn to save her life.

Our Opinion:

As the second book in the Forever in a Night series by Lana Campbell, I was super pleased to see the main character was one of the more difficult ones from book one!

Dark Experiments can most definitely be read as a standalone; however, to really understand where Tiffany is coming from, reading book one would be advised.

There is still the odd meshing of Vampires and Christianity...but I am at the point in this series that I am just going to get over it.  Recognizing that it will always be part of Lana's writing but also recognizing that I enjoy her stories too much to really care one way or the other.

There was so much drama and mystery in Dark Experiments and usually I think I am pretty good about figuring things up.  Sorry to say not this time.  I figured nothing out early and was shocked and surprised at the twists.

I usually have a pretty good system for rating my reads.  Each one has to tick off a must have requirement.  Romance, check. Drama, check.  Superb Characters, check.  I really love to cry or feel my emotions be played with...and I just didn't get that with Dark Experiments.  But.  I am giving Dark Experiments 5 stars anyways and let me tell you why.  Tiffany.  Difficult, mouthy, moody and one tough as nails chick.  She really made this book for me and for that I will over look the fact that I wasn't crying in my Cherrios this time.

Truly hoping this series continues and of course I have my eye on who I'd like the next story to be about.  There's gonna be a next story right!?!?

Lamplight Review and Promotion is giving Dark Experiments 5 stars!

Review by Corrie H.

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