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My new favorite LOVE/HATE relationship!



Hey, beautiful. My name is Mason and my job is one simple thing: I want you to HATE ME. I want you to hate this story. I want you to hate this book. I want you to leave a nasty review on this book.

Actually, I dare you to do that.

This is the story of me being me and a beautiful, innocent woman named Violet who moved in next door to me. From the second I saw her I had to have her. But then she slipped up and confessed she had never been touched... that's when she became my ultimate obsession.

My name is Mason... and, beautiful, you really are going to hate me.


First let me say that the build up marketing to Hate Me by Jaxson Kidman was FANTABULOUS!  You are going to have to like Jaxson Kidman's author page on Facebook and dig a little to read up on it, but I'll try to summarize a bit.

Jaxson started getting these emails from Mason Hateme stating he was all that and if given the opportunity, Jaxson's fans would leave him and follow Mason where ever.  Keep in mind that none, zero, nada of Jaxson's fans knew what he was working on.  Mason touted that we would HATE him...and yet our deepest, darkest souls would end up LOVING him.

(I hate admitting anytime a man is right...but Mason was right)

There was even an event planned where Jaxson and Mason would go head to head throwing barbs.  I sat back and watched the magic happen...I had a good idea where this was going.

Right at the end someone asked to see a picture of Mason...to put up or shut up.

And that is when Mason threw down his picture...the cover of HATE ME.

Understandably, some of Jaxson's fans were upset...they had invested time in the Jaxson/Mason war, tossing insults and posting support of their favorite author at Mason.  They were emotionally and unequivocally invested.  But overall, I think his fans were OK with what happened and they shifted gears from defense to GIVE ME THAT BOOK NOW!

I was salivating...because there is nothing I love more than a book that is going to throw me around emotionally...and this seemed right up my alley!

I sped through this book.  Show me.  Show me where I will Hate you, Mason.

Did I hate him?  Yes.  This man is the exact definition of MAN WHORE.  He is rude, obnoxious, and self-serving...though he does have that ladies first mentality...so not totally self-serving.

But did I love him?  Lord help me, YES!  And do I hate myself for it?  Sort of...not really.  He is amazing!  Under all of that bravado, sits a man who women are going to fall in love with over and over again.

For me this book experience has basically been all about the build up...and then the release.  It's been a total experience and I literally feel bad for anyone who has missed out on it. 

There is actually a leading lady in this book...though you'd never guess from my review.  That is just how much of my headspace has been taken up with Mason.

But Violet is great!  She is strong and determined and she handles Mason like a pro...a virgin pro.  I loved her spirit and she is the best match up for him!

And guess what?  There will be more Mason.  So read HATE ME now so you don't have to rush later!

I have no pre-order links for you for this book!  Hate Me releases June 8th. 

My best advice is to stalk Jaxson Kidman in hopes he drops pre-order links soon!

Lamplight Review and Promotion is giving Hate Me by Jaxson Kidman 5 stars.

Reviewed by Corrie H.

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