Our Review: Selfish by Shantel Tessier

by - 7:01 PM

The only thing I could think when I finished this book is...WHERE IS BOOK TWO! It was already late and I was willing to risk all of my sanity for the next day just to have it.

Ashlyn likes to keep her relationships simple. Sex. No Feelings. Done. She has the perfect arrangement now...sleeping with her best guy friend when needed. No dates, no emotional attachments. It's perfect.

Ashlyn and her best friend Becca take a post graduation trip to Florida...and all of her best laid plans suddenly seem to fall apart. A break up for Becca and a random stranger for Ashlyn and things start to change, except this stranger ends up being Becca's brother.

Ryder is addicted to his work. He doesn't have time for sticky relationships with clingy women. But that starts to change once he meets Ashlyn and spends one night with her and he starts putting all of his efforts into changing her mind.

I think saying I loved this book would be an understatement. It was so painful, in a good way, to read this knowing Ashlyn wanted to keep things simple and Ryder wanted more. I wanted to shake her...and then take Ryder for myself. He is swoon worthy. And I don't say that often.

*pitchin' a fit* I NEED MORE!

Go. Read this. You won't be disappointed. Go!

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