Our Review: Broken Little Melodies by Jennifer Ann

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For sure...another hit by Jennifer Ann.


Deep among the Jeffrey Pines of Lake Tahoe, Isabelle Martin and Roman Stone find comfort in each other at a summer camp for musically gifted teens where their love grows stronger every year. But they couldn’t be more different. She’s an orphan from the West Coast running with the wild crowd, and he’s a rich kid from New York hiding the scars of an abusive home. When their worlds finally collide, the future they planned comes crashing down around them and Belle is forced to cut Roman from her life without any explanation.

Five years later…

Roman’s on top of the world. His successful rock band is preparing for their first headlining tour, but when he unexpectedly runs into Belle, old feelings for her come rushing back, and his new found bravado fails him.

Belle has learned that some things in life have the power to break your spirit, and trying to forget Roman has made her bitter—she’s merely a waitress headlining a bar-band, and he’s had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Seeing him again makes her question whether time can mend a broken heart.

Their struggles brought them together, and their differences tore them apart, but now that they’re together again, can they repair the broken pieces and get a second chance at love?

Our Opinion:

Jennifer Ann pieces together a fantastic tale of first and second chance love all in one...and in true fashion drops in a couple surprises that any long time fan will be sure to appreciate.

Broken Little Melodies packed a powerful punch!  I adored the first part of the story when Roman and Belle were kids...growing together...finding their way.  I loved the second part where as adults they find each other again and try to start over.  The struggle brings out the best emotions.  I read for the emotions that the story evokes and I was most definitely NOT disappointed with Broken Little Melodies.  

Broken Little Melodies is a standalone novel with an HEA.

I am giving Broken Little Melodies 5 stars!

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