Our Review: Myself by Shantel Tessier

by - 7:04 PM

Myself is book two in the Selfish Series by Shantel Tessier.

Oh Jaycent and Becca.  Your angsty story was everything I needed.  And waiting for book 3 will test every ounce of patience I have.

I have always thought that series that do the alternate POV would just be the same story and why would I want to read the same story again?

But that really wasn't what this was.  While Myself did follow the same story line as Selfish for the first few chapters...it easily developed into Becca and Jaycent's story and took on a life of it's own.  I enjoyed little flashes into Selfish with Ashlyn and Ryder.
Myself gave me my must haves in a read.  There was adequate drama...there was so much back and forth for Becca as she tries to navigate getting into a relationship with Jaycent when she thinks there will be no approval.  Tears.  There were tears...and anytime a book can bring me to tears and make me feel deep emotion...its a win for me.

I am super excited for what is next.  Bring on Selfless!

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