Review Time: Heartbreak Highway From Here to Forever Boxset 1 by Harper Whitmore

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Henry Newman's last wish was for his grandson Marshall, and caregiver Eva, to scatter his ashes in California.

The road trip, from Kure Beach, North Carolina, across the country, would be a journey of self-discovery for Marshall and Eva, that Henry hoped would bring them together with a love he knew they were destined to discover.

Marshall's girlfriend Simone had plans of her own. Would Henry's gift, to the one's he cared for most, ultimately fail?

An emotional roller coaster that unfolds over the course of Heartbreak Highway, as places, people and revelations change their search for love, with more twists than the road traveled.


This series is quite the roller coaster.  This box set is actually broken up into 4 smaller books.  I read them all at once and reading time was 6-7 hours.  Each one is a continuation of the other and there are cliffhangers.  Start at book #1.

The characters in this series are pretty cool.  Everyone is so intricately weaved in very seamlessly and there were never parts where I was questioning where someone fit it.  The author did a great job with this.

Just like the title says it is the Heartbreak Highway, so be prepared for many emotional ups and downs.  I promise that it is all worth it.

Not sure what comes after book 4.  I kind of felt like the author left it open for more, but while doing research found that there is a spin-off series.  I guess I will have to do some more digging for that 411.

Overall, this wasn't a bad series.  For the leisure reader breaking it down into smaller bits allows you to read just a little at a time, and for the hardcore reader, you get quite the ride!

I am giving Heartbreak Highway the Boxset 4 stars!

Review by Corrie H. for Lamplight Review and Promotion

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