Review Time: Coming Consumed by Renee Harless

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Sydney hates liars, despises them really, so what is she to do when the man her heart wants most turns out to be the biggest betrayer and deceiver of them all?

Sydney Connelly never finds herself in trouble. She always listens to her parents, follows the rules, and does what is expected of her, but in one moment, that all changes. The day she meets a campus police officer and keeps their relationship a secret from her family, her life takes on a dark turn...

Now scarred and tormented by nightmares, Sydney hides her fears from everyone as she moves back home and takes over her mother’s bakery.

Just when she believes she has a handle on her life, a mysterious man waltzes into her shop and turns her world upside down. Behind the beard and silver eyes Sydney knows he’s hiding something, but is the attraction worth losing herself again?

Dylan Bennett knows he is in trouble the first time he lays eyes on Sydney. Behind her wavy blonde hair and flour-covered clothes he knows that she holds the key to his undoing, but he can’t risk it.

As an undercover agent, Dylan lives his life by strict codes and calculations. He knows one wrong move could put Sydney in danger, but something about her draws him in and that may prove to be the biggest risk he has ever taken. What happens when she finds out the lies behind those silver eyes?

Will the deception become too much for Sydney or will she fight alongside Dylan to bury the one person who brings her past back to the surface?


By far this is my favorite book in the Welcome to Carson series by Renee Harless!

Coming Consumed is book 3 in the Welcome to Carson series.  While it is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone.  This series kind of overlaps a little bit.  The characters are used throughout the other books and some of the story lines are weaved in and out.  I think it is a great technique that, had I not already read the other books, it would have made me curious as to what that was all about.  I certainly do encourage a reader to go back an check out the other books as well.

Oh Dylan!  He is one determined man!  This guy knows what he wants and takes it...with permission.  I love how he pushed Sydney just that little bit.  She wanted to be with him...he knew it...and he pushed her to open up to him.  I loved that control part of him...and equally loved that submissive side to her.

She bakes.  I love people who bake, so immediately...she was intriguing to me!  Weird I know.  But I love baking, so I could relate to her right away.  The mystery that surrounds her past promised to deliver quite the suspenseful trip and I wasn't disappointed.  I was hooked from the Prologue and did not put this book down once.

Reading time for Coming Consumed was 2-3 hours depending on the reader.  The story is told in alternating first person POV between Dylan and Sydney.  

Looking forward to which lucky couple is next in the Welcome to Carson series!

I am giving Coming Consumed 5 stars.

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