Review Time: Grown Woman by Jen Luerssen

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Lia thought her life was going well. A job she loves, loyal friends, decent love life, and a great place to live. When things start to fall apart, she decides on a total shake up.
She goes back to school at 30 to change careers and take control of her path. In order to focus on her goals, she attempts to swear off men and relationships. Quickly she realizes this is an effort in futility. She makes fast friends with some classmates and her love life gets interesting.

She doesn't count on Javier. He is young (a lot younger), gorgeous, smart, and throws her off balance. They start out as study partners, become friends, and then things heat up. Lia does her best to keep Javier at bay in her thoughts with other men and her insecurities, but he keeps wiggling his way into her life until she finally gives in.

This grown woman knows what she wants, and eventually gets it.

18+ for sexy times and adult situations


So this is the first experience with Jen Luerssen and her work.  Not knowing what to expect I went into this book blind and unbiased.

After getting through about 1/3 of this book I was confused and couldn't quite figure out what it was about or what the point of the writing was.  The writing style was very...I don't I was hanging with my BFF.  Laid back, relaxed, maybe?  I have been so used to books having a set up...intro to characters...drama shows up...drama fixed...HEA!  Ta Da and you have a book.  While I was reading it...I wasn't finding those landmarks.

Now that I am done?  I can find those landmarks, sort of.  This book was less about a plot and more about a woman's journey from a very disorganized life to an unconventional HEA.  Grown Woman shows that not all love is how you expect it and that sometimes in life you need to forget your expectations and just let love take you on its journey.

Not at all a bad first experience for me and I would be tempted to go back for more.

I am giving Grown Woman 4 stars.

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