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She wasn't meant to fall in love with me. And she certainly wasn’t meant to see the monster I hide. My emotions were firmly locked away, never to be found, but as much as I control most things in life, I couldn't control my heart.

She exposed my darkest desires, and begged for them and I unleashed hell on her body, while I shattered her heart. I made her kneel, but in that moment I broke the only jewel I ever owned.

What will she do when she learns the truth I hide?

Behind every shattered heart is a fractured soul. I was always broken. He believes he's responsible, but he wasn’t the one to fragment my sanity.  Even though he hid his depravity behind a suit and tie, I uncovered it. And I found more to the monster.

In our darkness, I discovered emotion so profound I hungered for it. Begged for him to give me everything he could. The one thing I didn’t count on was my heart getting in the way. I did kneel. I did care. And then I fell.

What will he do when he sees my tormented pieces?

*This is a dark erotic romance with BDSM elements. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY.



Talk about pushing some boundaries!  Kneel has so many emotions throughout this book and they flip flop back and forth from love and happiness, to self loathing and hate.  I was all over the place with this one!

Kneel is Book ONE in the Sins of Seven series.  Think the seven deadly sins and then hand them to Dani Rene and be prepared to be unprepared.

I really wanted to hate Sir Nate...but I just couldn't.  Outside of his weird kink, he was really a victim of circumstance just as much as Eva.  His attraction to her was intense and maybe a little obsessive?

Like I said previously, I was up and down with this read, which is what made it so fantastic.  The rollercoaster ride is worth the approximately 3 hours that it will take you to read it.  I binged the entire thing.  And I am not sorry.

The cover is hot, the characters are hot and I cannot wait to see where Dani Rene takes the next 6 books!

Seriously, pick up this book!  No regrets!

I am giving Kneel 5 stars.

Review by Corrie H for Lamplight Review and Promotion

**I received and ARC for an honest review

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