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   Coming Together
   (Welcome to Carson, Book Two)

   by Renee Harless

   Standalone series

   Contemporary Romantic Suspense

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   A broken heart and shattered dreams...

   Austin Connelly had it all: loving family, a growing and profitable    business, the perfect woman warming his bed at night...

   When she completely disappears from his life, well kept secrets begin to    emerge. He finds out his best friend’s girlfriend is also his half-sister,    and he believes someone is sabotaging his company.

   Austin thought he and Nikki had something special, but when she returns    suddenly announcing her pregnancy, he can’t control his hurt and anger, but    the pull and attraction become too much for him to ignore and he finds    himself in her arms once again. He's thrust back into the emotions he's    held onto since Nikki left him.

   Nikki Deveraux never had it easy growing up. As a part of a wealthy family,    her parents cared more about their bank account and affairs than they did    about their only daughter.

   Watching their marriage crumble before her very eyes she swore that she’ll    do whatever she can to protect herself from succumbing to that kind of    pain. With no desire to find “the one”, Nikki finds herself torn between    love and fear when she discovers herself pregnant.

   Taking a chance on her heart, Nikki works to rebuild her relationship with    Austin after running away scared and when she uncovers someone stealing    money from his company she fears he'll give up on his dream of happiness    yet again.

   Will he take a chance on her? Will he let her back into his heart? Or will    the ghosts of his past shred him further?

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   Their dinner ends not long after, and having won the argument, Austin pays    the bill. With his hand on the small of her back, he ushers her out of the    diner and onto the busy sidewalk. Carson townspeople move back and forth    across the walkway, still busy hanging stars and twinkling lights in    preparation for their New Year’s bash; a party that brings people into town    from forty counties over.
   Nikki stares in quiet amazement as the Fitzgerald sisters work to hang the    twelve foot star in the middle of Main Street, dangling a line between the    town’s parallel buildings. Luckily for them, Austin and a few of the other    local workers rush over to help the aging fabric store owners.
   Once the star is placed to their liking, Austin returns to where Nikki is    waiting against the wall of Angie's diner. As he approaches, Nikki feels    the first trickle of wetness falling on her cheek. Only then does she    notice that the light snowfall seems to be increasing in heaviness as it    continues.
   Coming to stand beside her, Austin turns his attention in her direction.
   "Are you ready to go? I'm afraid that the snow is forecasted to be a bit    heavy tonight."
   “Yes, sure.”
   Taking her by her elbow, the heat of his hand filtering through the    thickness of her coat, Austin guides her to his large work truck. Parked    parallel alongside the street, as she steps off the sidewalk to enter the    vehicle, her foot slips on the slick precipitation. Instead of falling face    first into the side of the truck as she was anticipating with a wince,    Nikki finds herself twisted around and resting in Austin’s overly muscled    arms.
   “Are you ok?” he asks, cradling her close to his body, but in the moment,    Nikki is speechless.
   Unable to form any words, she simply nods her head. Trapped in a heated    exchange with this man she’s missed for so very long now, Nikki feels    herself leaning closer into his body, bringing her lips an inch from his,    but as if struck by terror, Austin straightens abruptly and steps away from    their embrace. Instead of kissing her as she had hoped, he opens the truck    door and lifts her by her hips, placing her into his truck. He angrily    slams the door closed, shaking the truck and Nikki as she sits inside,    stunned.
   His eyes spew hatred as he climbs into the driver’s seat and Nikki turns to    gaze out the window, shrinking into herself. Her hands rest protectively on    her stomach as she rests against the door, as far from Austin as she can    possibly be. The warmth of her breath caresses the cold glass, causing the    window to fog with each exhalation of air.
   “Nikki…” Austin pleads, attempting to garner her attention.
   She turns to study him.
   Running his fingers through his hair exasperatedly, he simply says, “I    can’t do it again.”
   “Do what?” she whispers in return.
   “Fall in love with you. I just can’t do it, Nikki. It would kill me this    time.”

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   Renee Harless is a romance writer with an affinity for wine and a passion for telling a good story.

   Renee Harless, her husband, and children live in Blue Ridge Mountains of  Virginia. She studied Communication, specifically Public Relations, at    Radford University.
   Growing up, Renee always found a way to pursue her creativity. It began by    watching endless runs of White Christmas- yes even in the summer – and    learning every word and dance from the movie. She could still sing "Sister    Sister" if requested. In high school she joined the show choir and a    community theatre group, The Troubadours. After marrying the man of her    dreams and moving from her hometown she sought out a different artistic    outlet – writing. To say that Renee is a romance addict would be an    understatement. When she isn’t chasing her toddler or preschooler around    the house, working her day job, or writing, she jumps head first into a    romance novel.

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