Our Review: The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond

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Reading The Marriage Pact was a wild ride I will not soon forget!

The Marriage pact is a standalone novel by Michelle Richmond that takes the reader on a strange journey through a couples new marriage.

A chance meeting that seems only fate could provide, Jake and Alice are newlyweds who received the strangest of gifts for their nuptials.  A membership to The Pact.  Something that seemed harmless in the beginning turns confusing, leaving the new couple questioning their decision to join.

The Pact really only desires one thing, a successful marriage.  In the beginning it seems harmless to Alice and Jake, but after the couple starts breaking minor rules and punishments are doled out, they begin to question their decision to join and begin searching for a way out.  But getting out is not an option after joining The Pact.  Not willing to settle for this answer, Jake finds himself fighting for his life, his marriage and for a way out.

The Marriage Pact is my first encounter with Michelle Richmond's work.

Upon opening the file, I was a little worried I had gotten in over my head.  101 chapters?!?!?!? I had read books before with a lot of chapters and some I just couldn't get through.  They ended up being too long and too much information.  That being said, every chapter had something important for the story and not once did I ever feel bored or feel like giving up.  What I found unique was that there were several chapters where Jake would go off giving some background information about research that he had done or articles that he had read...and they really added to the story.

The concept of The Pact is really unique.  In the beginning I felt that it was harmless.  What could possibly go wrong?  They have a tight circle of friends who are working toward a common goal...successful marriages...potlucks...traveling together.  Seemed harmless.

After the first infraction of the rules on Alice's part I started to get a little nervous...and then I couldn't put the book down.  I found myself wondering if the concept of The Pact really work when they are using a punishment system for not following the rules?  I know for me personally I would end up resenting my partner and the marriage.  I was just sure The Pact had it all wrong!

Based off The Marriage Pact, I could see myself going back for more of Michelle Richmond's work.  She has a writing style that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you to Michelle Richmond, Netgalley and Random House Publishing - Ballantine Bantam for making an advanced reader copy available to us!

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