Our Review: Oceanside Marine by Jennifer Ann

by - 11:17 AM

I have been waiting for Katie and Braden's story for a very, very LONG TIME! Jennifer Ann did not disappoint me one bit!

Katie is the older sister of Charlie Walker, who is married to Braden's older sister, Evelyn. That in itself makes anything that could happen between Katie and Braden difficult. Add in the fact that there is huge gap in their ages and love seems impossible.

But when one half of the equation refuses to take no for an answer, giving it a chance is the only option.

Braden has always been this cocky, arrogant brother in the previous books in the Kendall Family Series and I have been anticipating the day when love knocked him on his ass. The fact that it didn't come easily for him was just as satisfying as it finally happening. Katie wasn't giving in and Braden wasn't giving up. The push and pull, the intense attraction between them, all fabulous.

Oceanside Marine is book 4 in the Kendall Family Series. While it is part of a series, it is a standalone novel. Reading the previous 3 books is not necessary, though characters are woven in throughout the series, and you most definitely will want to figure out their stories as well.

Another great read by Jennifer Ann!

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