Our Review: The Substitute by Xavier Neal

by - 11:10 AM


Hot substitute teacher anyone? Yes? Then this is the book for you. Totally taboo, yet not quite, that ticks of all the must haves for any fan of the genre.

Nate is a substitute teacher with a passion for teaching film appreciation at a private school...and one of his students.

Ainsley is a high school senior ready to break out into life and get away from her sad home life. She has plans that include leaving town and being behind the camera in the film industry.

Beginning a relationship with one of his students is really the last thing Nate Greene needs, but he sees something in Ainsley and quickly becomes addicted to her. If they can just get through the final semester of her last year in high school all will be well.

This is such a tricky story line to walk. It's totally taboo for a teacher and student to be sleeping together, but logically I kept thinking...the girl is 18. You would think with the subject matter being so taboo it would be nothing but sex, but The Substitute is so much more. There is a great story line of a sweet love between Nate and Ainsley, it's no wonder they found each other.

I shed some tears and my emotions were always on high alert, because I knew at any moment this could blow up in their faces. I was rooting for them the whole time.

If you enjoy just a little bit of taboo, then I highly recommend The Substitute!

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