Review: Saving Mercy by Abbie Roads

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I am going to preface this review with this fun tidbit.  I had NO idea what I had gotten myself into when I agreed to read this book.  I chose to read this book based off the cover and title.  I have NEVER read anything by Abbie Roads before, nor did I read the synopsis.  That being said, Abbie Roads will be on my one-click list going forward!

I loved this book like crazy! 

It got my heart beating and even made me check the locks on the doors a few extra times every night!  The characters are fantastic and I have high hopes for books two!

Saving Mercy is the first book in the Fatal Truth series by Abbie Roads. 

It is listed as a Paranormal Romantic Suspense.  I do want to address that just a quick minute because some of you will say, "I don't read paranormal."  Stop.  The paranormal influence is very minute that you won't even mind it.  The abilities that the main characters have are woven in so naturally that you won't have time to really analyze this fact.  Not once while reading did I think, "This is so far out there."

Cain Killion is the son of a murderer.  Just by looks alone, people are reminded of his father, Adam, at every turn, making his life even more difficult.  He was fortunate to be taken under the wing of Mac, who then raised Cain after his father went to prison.  With his DNA, who could guarantee he wouldn't turn into a killer as well?  But Mac had faith and saved the boys life, raising him as his own.  Cain has a unique ability due to his father's influence that Mac, who works for the FBI, can't deny could help with his cases and gives Cain an outlet for his abilities.

Mercy is one of Adam Killion's victims, except she survived, if you call being holed up in an institution surviving.  With her own abilities guiding her through life, she has been able to avoid quite a bit of danger, until one day when her life is thrust back into chaos.

The FBI has a new case dropped in their laps that pulls Cain and Mercy together in the most unlikely of ways.  Depending on one another means survival, but it's one of the last things either is comfortable with.  They will need to overcome their personal hang-ups if they want to solve this case and inevitably survive in the end.

Reviewed by Corrie for Lamplight Review and Promotion

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