Sold To My Father's Friend

by - 9:26 AM

Last night I needed a quick read.  I knew I was tired and wouldn't make it long...and the other books I am involved in right now I need to concentrate on.  No worries.  Reviews for those books will be up when I am done.

This book was just what I needed.

Sold To My Father's Friend by Cara Chance is a quick little read that will satisfy the need for insta-love with a couple twists.  It is a novella so I can't really talk about it a whole lot without giving it all away.  Summarized...Jace "buys" Angelique to satisfy her fathers debt.  That is truly all I can tell you.

I did laugh at the end because I was not expecting the ending.

You can get this book HERE for Free on Kindle Unlimited or $0.99 to purchase!  Enjoy!

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